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Training The knowledge and skills you need to support
people to live well with dementia




We believe that people living with dementia have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, supported by care professionals of all roles and disciplines who treat them with unconditional positive regard, empathy and compassion.

We believe that, fundamentally, most care professionals do what they do because they care. If care professionals genuinely care about the people they support, this will form the basis of meaningful, person centred relationships. But care professionals need more…they need the knowledge, specialist skills and tools to enable those they support to live well with dementia.

We believe that our training equips care professionals to truly understand what person centred care looks like and feels like.

We offer face to face commissioned training in training venues or in-house (Care Home, Hospital, Day Service, Health Centre, Shop, Place of Worship…), ‘open’ courses, coaching and mentoring services, on-line learning, conference presentations and workshops and Service or Profession specific bespoke training.



As our company name suggests, we offer training specifically on topics related to the experience of dementia…nothing else. This means that our training is underpinned by current best practice, policy and legislation aimed at enabling those affected by dementia to live well. Our training is designed to help Services achieve more than just CQC Essential Standards for people living with dementia. We are passionately committed to person centred being which ensures all our learners feel valued, respected and involved in the learning process to achieve their very best.





We are also delighted to work closely with our training commissioners to develop and deliver bespoke training designed to meet specific staff learning and Service development needs. These programmes have included:

  • Person centred reporting and recording in dementia care
  • Leadership development in dementia care (for Nurses, team leaders, Social Workers, Care Home Manager’s…)
  • Activity Co-ordinators Development Programme
  • Sensory Activities in dementia care
  • Carers in Partnership
  • Dementia: Supported Learning Programme
  • Sex and sexuality in dementia care

If you would like to discuss your staff and Service learning and development needs or find out more about the training we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are delighted to offer a free face to face or telephone consultation to help in this process.

Please be reassured that we prefer to work very closely with our training commissioners to ensure that the training we provide is the ‘right fit’ for your learning and development needs and required outcomes.


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