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Feedback A selection of comments made by people
who have completed our training



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A powerful training event

“Tim made the session fun, making it easier to take all the information in! He didn’t just stand there and talk at us!”

Care Home Manager

A passionate empathic trainer

“A very enjoyable training course with a passionate empathic trainer. I will cascade this learning down to Team Leaders + Care Staff”

Heads of Care

I have a better understanding

“I have a better understanding of the different types of dementia and how they affect people differently. I will use this information when writing care plans to inform carers of service user’s needs”

Care Coordinator

Trainer with extensive knowledge

“Really enjoyable, Trainer with extensive knowledge. You can relate to him and vice-versa. Just Brilliant”


I will be able to use this new knowledge in my day to day role

“Gained a much better understanding of the relationship between the dementias and learning disability and how these impact on both the individual and their carer. I will be able to use this new knowledge in my day to day role when dealing with new referrals and overseeing cases within my team”

Case Manager

I have a better understanding

“I really enjoyed the course and have learned a lot from today’s course. Tim is a great trainer that kept the training day entertaining and interesting”

“I had a very limited understanding of dementia at the start – it has been eye-opening to realise that it is such a fascinating field of knowledge. I am looking forward to the course next Month”

Social Worker

Learning was a pleasure

“Learning today was a pleasure”

“I have learned so much in these two hours, Tim explains things very well, the way he explains things grabs your attention. Very well led”


Some very interesting perspectives, I liked the challenge

“I enjoyed this training as it was very relevant to my role. Some very interesting perspectives were given in relation to dementia care and associated care needs. I liked the challenge of having different ways of thinking about the dementia diagnosis & info re meds. Thank you”

Support Worker

Presented course in a way that all of us could fully understand

“I have enjoyed today – Trainer Tim presented the course in a way that all of us could fully understand. I am able to implement what I have learnt especially when completing my risk assessments in the community”

Social Worker

I'll be able to use what I've learnt

“Tim kept the session lively and interesting. I’ll be able to use what I’ve learnt in my role as Rehab & Reablement Assistant, as we often assist with dementia patients”

Rehab & Reablement Assistant


“Interesting, informative, best dementia training I have been to”

“I liked how Sarah went into more detail about everything.”

“Very good way of involving everyone in the training. I like the fact we all got to speak and discuss things as a group. The hours flew by. Absolutely riveting! Very informative, answered all questions.”

Care Staff


“Very inspiring and it has given me a lot to go away with and think about”.

Deputy Nurse Manager

Really enjoyed trainer's compassion and conviction

“Really enjoyed the compassion and conviction of the trainer and the course. I have learned many practical and useful things that I will use in my future job. Thank you very much”

Deputy Manager

Enables me to develop better support plans

“I will now be more able to support service users + their carers. I now have a good understanding of LD & Dementia which will enable me to develop better support plans or direct people to the right places for support”

Home Care Service Manager


Excellent facilitation

“Excellent facilitation & interaction. I now feel able to cascade this learning throughout the LD Team. I will promote appropriate use of information gathering, websites, etc”

Day Care Service Manager

Given me a much better understanding

“It’ given me a much better understanding of what my care staff could do. Great course Tim”.


The best dementia training...

“The best dementia training I have ever attended. Because of this I might do a PhD on dementia. Well done Tim!”

Home Manager

Excellent training

“Found the training excellent and would highly recommend it to anyone. It was informative & thought provoking. There are so many aspects to take forward into our ‘quality assurance’ and in supporting providers to raise their service delivery & knowledge!! We need this course delivered again and again”

Area Manager

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