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Managers and Leaders Discussion

Working in partnership for Person Centred Dementia Care

This measure is designed to enable the Management and Leadership Team to reflect on how well the whole Care Setting team is using approaches and practices which evidence a person-centred approach toward residents, their relatives, visitors and staff.

This should highlight and provide an opportunity for the Managers and Leaders of individual Care Setting to focus on how they inspire and influence culture change in their care setting.

The outcome of this measure will establish how learning and development interventions have been supported and implemented by the Management team within the Care Setting to foster a person-centred culture of care which values and includes all of its residents, their relatives, visitors and its staff members.

By ensuring a person-centred culture of care for individuals living with dementia, their relatives and staff, the care setting will have evidence that they are meeting CQC Fundamental Standards: Person-centred care, Dignity and respect, Consent, Safety, Safeguarding from abuse, Food and drink, Premises and equipment, Complaints, Good governance, Staffing, Fit and proper staff, Duty of candour, Display of ratings

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