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The Dementia Training Company Learning together to improve the lives of people with Dementia


Press Release from 1864 (

“Supporting those living with dementia has always been at the centre of our objectives, and the launch of this partnership, together with the unique and valuable expertise that it brings to the offering will ensure that we can not only extend our support to areas such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorder issues, but will allow us to bring training and education to a wide range of diverse communities. This will ensure that barriers of fear surrounding such issues are broken down, that training within communities focused on often taboo areas are addressed and that we have distinct outputs which are substantively evaluated and recorded.

To cement this we are launching a new programme, #Hope@❤ which we hope will not only become a recognisable social media reference but will also become something through which the Hampshire County rose is seen in a different light.

The #Hope@❤ programme will have at its head a charter by which 1864 and DTC set out our pledge to clearly articulate and deliver a message of Hope for all those affected directly and indirectly by neurological disorders. It will also establish networks and relationships across our communities through which these issues will be supported with understanding and compassion and without fear. Our Charter and Programme details are set out below.

We remain conscious as to how sport remains a common language of opportunity, inclusion and hope and therefore this new relationship will bring additional definition and benefit to many. It will also link to existing 1864 programmes as well as developing new bespoke projects and maintains our objective for both Hampshire Cricket as well as cricket in Hampshire to be at the centre of community welfare and pastoral support #TogetherStronger.

The launch of the partnership will also see Tim Forester Morgan and Sarah Mould from DTC joining the Board of 1864 with the specific brief of overseeing this element of the 1864 programme.”


Our #Hope@❤ Charter

We will at all times;

Show heartfelt empathy

Demonstrate genuine compassion

Ensure fellowship

Be open-Minded

Build relationships



Supporting families and communities without prejudice, fear or favour

Including regardless of status or background

Listening and never being judgemental

Engaging consistently with all partners

Learning constantly by not being afraid to make mistakes


We will always aim for #Hope@❤


Full Programme Aims

  1. Prepare and deliver training programmes across the community, using cricket as the tool for engagement
  2. Ensuring that such programmes will better educate, provide greater understanding and allow people to recognise all signs
  3. To monitor, collate and evaluate the effects of mental health on those diagnosed and the impact upon family and friends
  4. Especially consider and evaluate differentials amongst different faith communities through positive trust engagement and ongoing proactive discussion
  5. Establish clear outputs, including talking with people, the creation of pathways and the production of defined evaluation
  6. To always be alongside people in their lives – home or residential care
  7. To always remember that we are invited to be alongside people and their families and have no given or automatic right
  8. Use Sporting Reminisces as the primary means of engagement
  9. Create New Memory Opportunities both personally and with families through sport, as a spectator and / or participant.

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